Reed Lova Gunite/Guncrete Machine


– Automatic Pad Clamping Pressure is maintained evenly across the pad. (Extends wear part life). Also, no operator adjustments necessary during operation.

– Dust Suppression System. Keeps unwanted dust out of the atmosphere.

– Smoothest Output. Our precision feed wheel assembly maintains the uniform flow of material into the airstream by supplying constant metered amounts of material. (No high-low surge in material hose).

– High-Quality Concrete. Smooth placement results in even hydration of material at the nozzle and minimal rebound.

– Highly-Portable and Easy to Store. Compact size allows it to be used in even the most confined work areas. Putting a wheel mounted Gun on a truck with 2 scaffold planks is a two man job. Narrow width lets it fit through narrow doors.

– Versatile. Interchangeable Components (hoses and feed wheels) gives you the advantage of controlled rates of feed and a wide range of output.

– Easy to Maintain. Easy access to perfrom on-the-line service with minimum tools.

– Minimum Labor Required to Operate. Only minutes are required to instruct a ready-mix truck driver or shoveler, and from there the gun needs minimal adjustments.

– Gun Disassembles in Minutes. When necessary, the removal of 7 nuts allows the machine to come quickly and completely apart (except the sealed-in drive train).

– Rugged and Reliable. Sealed-in-Oil Gear Drive insures long life. All gears are of spur design and manufactured of heat treated alloy, running in ball or roller bearings. (No chains).

– Safe. Our feed process eliminates dangerous pressure chambers, reduces possible injuries.

– Continuous Operation. Material receiving hopper is open to the atmosphere.

– Easiest Gunite Machine to Understand and Operate.

(All sizes and configurations do not go together.)

HOPPER: (Flat Hopper with Bag Breaker).
Flat Hopper with Bag Breaker is generally used in refractory applications and with pre-bagged materials.

MOTOR: Air Motor (Rotary Vane Direct Drive): 8AM (5hp)
Air motor will deliver a feed wheel rotation of 50 r.p.m.’s down to 2 r.p.m.’s by throttling the air supply to the motor.
Optional 3hp electric motor drive with adjustable speeds.

FEED BOWLS: (16 pocket, 18 pocket).
More pockets = Smoother Finish, Fewer Pockets = More Output

AIR HOSE / MATERIAL HOSE: We highly recommend using the same size air and material hoses.
Special Gunite Hose or Refractory hose is used for material
Larger aggregates require the larger material hoses in order to prevent hose blockages.

GOOSENECK: (1-1/4″, 1-1/2″).
Liner Type – abrasion resistant liner is replaceable.
Sold Steel – is maintained by hard-facing as wear occurs.

WEAR PAD: Only one wear pad for the 16 pocket and one for the 18 pocket.

MESH SCREEN: (15/16″)(3/4″).
Keeps large aggregate out of the hopper.

BAG BREAKER:Sits on top of the hopper. Used with bagged material.

AGITATOR: Used to agitate the material. Comes with a 2 blade agitator.


Vibrator: Assists in feeding material into the pockets.

Skid Mounted: Mainly for underground applications.

Optional Bulk Bag Adapter Used with “Super-sacks” or “Bulk Bags”. Prevents injury and reduces dust.

Configuration Pockets Hose Size Max Aggregate Size Air Compressor Maximum Output Common Applications
1 30 3/4 1/8 125 cfm (8AM) 215 cfm (16AM) 2 yd3/hr (1.5 m3/hr) Fine, detailed artistic-type work, rockscaping, patch repair.
2 30 1 1/8 210 cfm (8AM) 300 cfm (16AM) 2 yd3/hr (1.5 m3/hr) Fine, detailed, artistic-type work, rockscaping, patch repair.
3 21 1-1/4 1-1/4 315-375 cfm (8AM) 375-450 cfm 5 yd3/hr (3.8 m3/hr) Refractory Spraying, repair work, smooth finish.
4 21 1-1/2 1-1/4 375-450 cfm (8AM) 450-600 cfm 6 yd3/hr (4.6 m3/hr) Refractory Spraying, repair work, smooth finish.
5 20 1-1/2 1/2 375-450 cfm (8AM) 450-600 cfm 8 yd3/hr (6.1 m3/hr) Civil Construction, Higher-Volume Refractory Spraying, smooth finish
6 15 2 1/2 450-600 cfm (8AM) 600-750 cfm 12 yd3/hr (9.2 m3/hr) Civil Construction, Higher-Volume Refractory Spraying, smooth finish
7 15 2 5/8 450-600 cfm (8AM) 600-750 cfm 12 yd3/hr (9.2 m3/hr) Swimming Pool Construction, Conveying Aggregate for Backfill, Civil Construction
8 12 2 5/8 450-600 cfm (8AM) 600-750 cfm 12 yd3/hr (9.2 m3/hr) Swimming Pool Construction, Less Volume than with 2-1/2
9 12 2-1/2 3/4 600-750 cfm (8AM) 750-900 cfm 15 yd3/hr (9.2 m3/hr) (11.5 Civil Construction Spraying, Highest Volume, 15L.A. bowl provides smoother finish

Maximum theoretical performance shown above. Maximum output and pressure cannot be reached simultaneously. Performance will vary depending on slump, mix design and pipeline diameter. Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Download REED’s Lova Spec Sheet

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