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PDM-1 Hydraulic Gate 1

The out let gate is operated with one manual hydraulic hand valve so that the position can be set for the volume of material required in the use of wet mix designs. For the operation of predampening for dry gun use this gate is left in the full open position.

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The coarse material in the inlet hopper is a ½” to ¾” aggregate shotcrete mix with 60 lbs of wire per yard. With our machine design the material gets broken up in the auger screw section drops in to the mixer as a light powder where water is added to give you a DAMP SAWDUST TYPE MIX (5% moister content) or up to a 5 inch slump mix. Note all mix designs can be metered and recorded for future use over and over again.

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This video clip is showing the predampener discharging at a rate of 1 ½ yards per hour. The rotational speed of the conveyor (Auger Screw) is 6 RPM. The mixer chamber rotational speed is low at 38 RPM. Job site testing showed 10 yards per hour capacity can be maintained with no problems predampening but the dry gun hose size of 2” limited production to 9 yards per hour.  No water was added to this mix in this video so that we can demonstrate the use of the wet mixer See other two videos of wet mix.

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The part one and two wet mix video shows the use of the hydraulic operated slide gate for wet mix design. This demonstration is to show the machine producing a 3 inch slump. Slumps can range from the predampening stage to 5 inch if required.

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Wet mix video Part 2.

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Diesel Predampener

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Diesel powered predampener mixer loaded with super sacks for continues feed in to a Reed dry gun using a 2 inch hose for a delivery system.

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Once you have the machine set up. All it takes is one push button to operate the machine. It will predampen for your dry gun or wet mix your materials for a concrete pump.

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Specification Tables:


                                 Refractory, Shotcrete, Gunite, Tunnels, Mines, Concrete Repairs.



                                      Dry Mix / Wet Mix



                                         Maximum volume outputs*   


                                        DRY/ 22000 lbs per hour (9979Kg)

                                        WET/ 10 yards per hour @ 2.5” slump (7.65CM/63.5mm)


                                Bag or tote bag premixed material

                                Maximum Aggregate size 3/4 inch (19mm)

                                Compatible with wire and fibreglass fibres



                          20HP (14.9Kw) 60Hz/ 3Ph/ 230/460/600v Electric Motor                                                                                                          





DIMENSIONS and WEIGHT:                                              

                                                              Length          136” (3454mm)                                                  

                                                              Width            91.5” (2324mm)

                                                              Height           87.25” (2216mm)

                                                              Weight          3550Lbs (1620Kg) (Approximate)



                    Forklift / Crane (Lifting Kit Included)



                     Diesel Powered, Tote Bag Holder with Plat Form, Radio Remote System



The machine can be supplied with bags with the use of a bag breaker. By changing out the hopper screen to a tote bag screen totes can be supported over top of the hopper and used as well. The hopper opening will allow for the wide throat bags to be used.

One switch will turn on and off the unit for operation. For safety all guards have safety switches that if tripped turns off the machine. It has an E-stop circuit that must be reset in order to operate again.

  • One man operation
  • One switch for total on off operation
  • Can be operated by radio remote
  • Both wet mix and dry mix operation
  • Has extra 115 volt 15 Amp power outlet to operate lights or tools
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled to be put in to mine shaft elevators
  • Has lifting eye kit and can be moved by fork lift at mixer end
  • No wasted material and very minimal dust
  • Digital flow meter to measure water
  • Revolutions counter to meter volume
  • Volume controls to meter speed of conveyor and mixer
  • Precise needle valves to meter water to mixer tub
  • Manual over rides in case of emergency
  • Forward and reverse functions for easy clean up

* Based on conveyor and mixer speed, material, water content and concrete mix design.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Weights vary with options selected. Photos for illustrative purposes only. Refer to operations manuals for safe and proper operation.